O mankind! there hath come to you a direction from your Lord and a healing for the (diseases) in your hearts,- and for those who believe, a guidance and a Mercy. || Then to eat of all the produce (of the earth), and find with skill the spacious paths of its Lord: there issues from within their bodies a drink of varying colours, wherein is healing for men: verily in this is a Sign for those who give thought.|| We send down (stage by stage) in the Qur'an that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss.||And when I am ill, it is He Who cures me; || Had We sent this as a Qur'an (in the language) other than Arabic, they would have said: "Why are not its verses explained in detail? What! (a Book) not in Arabic and (a Messenger an Arab?" Say: "It is a Guide and a Healing to those who believe; and for those who believe not, there is a deafness in their ears, and it is blindness in their (eyes): They are (as it were) being called from a place far distant!"

Chapter 3 (Religious Spiritual Cure)

Religious Spiritual Cure: Creative Clinical Psychological Methods

Psychological security is the feeling of peace and tranquility which surrounds you all the time in all aspects of your life. The pressing question in this respect is: Why do modern societies, despite the great technological advance, fail to create a safe and secure society? This is mainly due to the mistaken western theory that suggests studying human life and psychology away from religion and Allah. As a result of that, virtues deteriorated, morals and values were lost. This is quite obvious in the following comparison between modern psychology and Islamic psychology.

Recently, there are new trends among modern psychologists claiming the importance of religion in treating psychological ailments. They realized that the belief in Allah provides man with a spiritual energy that helps him bear life difficulties, and discard anxiety which most people suffer from in the present materialistic life.